Welcome To Emerald Coast Messianic Ministries

Emerald Coast Messianic Ministries, Inc. is directed by Chaplain Jerry Rowley, and is an Alabama non-profit synagogue and ministry. Our only purpose is to minister to those souls incarcerated or reentering society after incarceration.

Emerald Coast Messianic Ministries, Inc.  provides both educational and worship opportunities to inmates in the Alabama and Florida. We have taught GED classes, open to all inmates (regardless of religious affiliation).We have led and participated in Jewish Services at Century C.I., Jackson C.I., Santa Rosa C.I. and Blackwater River C.F. as well as Washington C.I. We are currently looking for volunteers for both Alabama and Florida to assist with worship services and bible studies.

Several volunteers hold the Congregation Services of the Messianic Jewish  Congregation on Shabbat (the Sabbath) inside several different N.W. Florida prisons. 

In addition to these ministries, we work with men after release to become reoriented into society. These men need not be Jewish, but only believers in Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). Assistance includes referrals to halfway houses, clothing, tools for work, job referrals and counseling.


Volunteers are needed to become worship leaders, teachers, assistants and fund raisers. All our services are only possible through donations from the public. Call us to see how you may help to fulfill the commandment Yeshua (Jesus) gave us in Mathew 25 to visit prisoners and provide for those in need.

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Jerry Rowley. COM 2016

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