About The Emerald Coast Messianic Ministries

Emerald Coast Messianic Ministries, Inc. of Alabama is directed by Chaplain Jerry Rowley, and is an Alabama, non-profit synagogue and ministry. Our only purpose is to minister to those souls either incarcerated or reentering society after incarceration. We currently serve Alabama and Florida prisons.

The current ministries include: prison worship ministry, prison education programs, reentry assistance, KAIROS  and Chaplaincy at Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue in Pensacola, FL. Chaplain Rowley is the Congregation leader of a Messianic Congregation inside Century Correctional Institution in Century, FL. which meets on every Saturday of each month at the Chapel.

Chaplain Rowley has taught GED and other courses  to enable offenders to improve their life skills for eventual reentry into society.

Chaplain Rowley mentors and assists ex-offenders reenter life as responsible and fully participating citizens. This includes mentoring, counseling and sometimes financial assistance for special needs. We also refer ex-offenders to existing rehabilitation programs and half-way houses in the Mobile/Pensacola area.

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